Delivery info

When should you expect despatch?
All orders are despatched in strict rotation, according to the date they are received. Spring despatch starts between the middle of February and the beginning of March. The planting season extends from November to the end of March / early April. All dates are approximate, and depend upon suitable weather conditions..

Availability of the roses
Roses take approximately two years to produce. It is difficult for us to predict our customers requirements over such a period. Occasionally a variety becomes sold out; therefore we will substitute a similar variety if we think it reasonable and no other instructions are given. Please make clear your instructions, in case this should not happen, using the space allotted on the Order Form.

Packing methods
Roses travel extremely well. They are despatched bare-root in a special parcel containing a plastic bag and a little peat to retain the moisture. No straw or other materials are used, as these, after extensive tests, have been found to be detrimental.