Old Roses


From spring to fall, a healthy polyantha shrub might be literally covered in flowers, creating a strong color impact on landscape. Polyantha roses are still regarded as low-maintenance, disease resistant garden roses today, and remain popular for that reason. They are discovered in late 19th century.


Portland  ruže imaju kompaktan rast, i pristaju  baštama svih veličina.Ove ruže su blisko povezane sa Hibridnim Perpetualima. Imaju odličnu obnovu cvetanja tokom sezone. Ova grupa ruža je nazvana po Vojvodkinji od Portlanda koja je dobila (iz Italije 1775-e) ružu tada znanu kao R. Paestana ili “Scarlet Four Seasons’ Rose” (sada jednostavno znana kao “the Portland Rose”).


Extremely large roses with long, flexible canes.Mainly smaller flowers in large clusters. Only once flowering in a season, but make spectacular display. One plant can bear a several thousands of flowers. Their greatest development occurred around 1900's. 


Rugosas are all derived from R. rugosa, a native of Japan and Korea. They are extremely hardy and exceptionally disease resistant. They have dark, corrugated and textured foliage. Flowers are very fragrant and bloom in clusters from early summer until winter. They produce edible hips, which are large and quickly turn bright orange to crimson when ripe.


Spinosissimas are extremely compact, thorny plants. They flower in a wide range of colors, with a propensity for marbled effects. The hips are dark maroon or black. They only bloom in spring.


Tea roses are repeat flowering roses, named for their fragrance being reminiscent of Chinese black tea. They have wide color range. Pointed buds produce high-centered blooms which unfurl in a spiral fashion, and petals tend to roll back at the edges. Flower continuously through the season.

Wild Roses

Wild roses include the natural species and some of their immediate hybrid descendants. They are low-maintenance shrubs, usually tolerating poor soil and some shade. They generally have only one flush of blooms per year, although some have large hips in autumn, while some have colorful autumn foliage.