Warner's Roses

Novelties for this year are fantastic roses of British hybridizer Chris Warner - Warner's Roses.

Roses given the highest awards at many international exhibitions have become extremely popular due to its exceptional characteristics, such as: long flowering season, resistance to diseases, very interesting forms of flowers and their colors.

Petrovicroses have the exclusive right to represent Warner's Roses on the territory of Serbia.

Bright as a Button, Persica shrub 
Centre Stage, prostrate ground cover ,3 gold medals 
Chewbabaluv, fragrant peach orange climber
Chewdelight, Persica flori 
Chewgenuine, yellow climber
Chewgoldpurse, bright yellow shrub 
Chewlydleton, salmon flori
Cheworangemane, orange and yellow climber 
Chewpurplex, purple climber, gold Baden Baden, silver Geneva 
Chewsuperpath, red yellow ground cover
Edith Holden, orange blend floribunda
Eyes for You, PBR European, Persica flori with fragrance
Little Rambler, light pink climber
Open Arms, light pink climber
Rhapsody in Blue, bluish violet and purple shrub England’s Rose of the Year 2003
Scented carpet, fragrant ground cover 
Showmee Dancing  satin pink shrub, several awards
Showmee Music red and yellow shrub, several awards
Showmee Sunshine, yellow shrub P.I.T. winner