Tess of the d'Urbervilles

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English Roses
Bred by: 
David Austin (United Kingdom, before 1997)
Height of 4' (120 cm). Width of 3.5' (100 cm). As a climber 6-8' (180-240 cm)
‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ bears large, bright crimson blooms. They are beautifully formed; deeply cupped with loosely packed petals intertwined at the centre of each bloom. The petals eventually turn back to give a domed, less formal, but still attractive, flower. They bend over with their weight, to give an elegant effect. There is a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. It is a good choice for cutting for arrangements in the home. It forms a healthy, medium-sized shrub with robust, bushy and spreading growth. The large, dark green leaves complement the colour and size of the blooms perfectly. With its striking, crimson blooms it will make a very pretty sight both as a shrub and as a short climber, especially when fanned out to encourage maximum flowering. Its relatively compact growth makes it ideal for growing against an obelisk or on wall near a doorway.